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An Agatha Christie Double Bill:

Afternoon at the Seaside &
The Patient 

Directed by Dr. Meghan Brodie 

Black Box Studio Theater 

Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Center

Oct. 31-Nov. 3   


A priceless emerald necklace goes missing and everyone enjoying a beach holiday becomes a suspect in Afternoon at the Seaside, a one-act play. Will Inspector Foley catch his culprit? Nothing is quite as it seems in this imaginative mystery by the dame of detective fiction, Agatha Christie. In The Patient, after falling from second-story balcony, Mrs. Wingfield, narrowly escaping death, is hospitalized and it is Inspector Cray’s job to investigate whether Mrs. Wingfield fell, jumped, or was pushed. Christie keeps audiences guessing in this mystery-thriller one act!  

Claude & Marcel

a new play by Meghan Brodie

In 1937, queer artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore departed Paris for the Channel Island of Jersey where the two had vacationed as children. They left behind their artistic alter egos and were known on the island by their birth names, Lucy Schwob and Suzanne Malherbe, the unassuming “sisters” living at La Rocquaise. When the Nazis invaded and occupied Jersey in 1940, the women’s idyll ended and their resistance work began. This is the (mostly) true story of their extraordinary bravery.

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