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[Un]Spoken Maine


directed by Meghan Brodie

Photography: Shannon Zura


A Different Future


Me, Myself, & My Penis

Andrew: Caleb Lacy


Black Girl Lost and Now Found

Young Woman: Crystal Farrington


So, What’s Wrong With Me?

Narrator: Hillary Perry


Never Again


My Story

Narrator: Madelyn James



Girl: Laura Collard

Narrator: Nathan Lapointe


The Cottage

Narrator: Carolyn Glaude




An Ode to Expression

Narrator: Crystal Farrington



Girl One: Alice Hofgren

Girl Two: Madelyn James

Girl Three: Mary Kate Ganza

Girl Four: Sarah Kennedy


A Man Defined

Narrator: James McDonald


Him, Her, & Me

Narrator: Sarah Kennedy




Last Night

Jackie: Alice Hofgren

Danielle: Mary Kate Ganza

Matt: Nathan Lapointe


It Works


The “Keeper”

Narrator: Kelly Mosher

Voice One: Hillary Perry

Voice Two: Laura Collard

Voice Three: Crystal Farrington

Voice Four: Sarah Kennedy

Voice Five: Madelyn James


The New Age of Sex in the 50s

Announcer: James McDonald

Man: Nathan Lapointe

Woman: Carolyn Glaude

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