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Out & Allied Project


directed by Meghan Brodie

Photography: Shannon Zura


Jeopardy by Elyse Spike Johnson

Solo Performer: Florence Cooley


I’m Not Gay, But Thank You! by Meredith Lamothe

Mary Beth: Angelica Phipps

Anikah: Hillary Perry

Joel: Jake Cote


Tough Guys Wear Pink by Stephen Feest

Solo Performer: Travis Grant


The Serpent by Megan Jackson

Baylee: Laura Collard

Sasha: Alice Hofgren

Charlie: Caleb Lacy

Patrick: Kyle Skillin

Steve: Matt Difiore

Sister Maria Clara: Kaitlin McGinley


We Fly Like Butterflies in Harmonic Symphony by Kayla Cowan

Solo Performer: Julie Higgins


Protect Us by Cathy Plourde

George: Travis Grant

Jared: Matt Defiore

Dave: Jake Cote

Officer Buttinsky: Sarah Dube


What Makes a Man by Micah Malenfant

Solo Performer: Chase Sheaff


For the Rest of My Life by Andrew Cole

Mom: Kelly Mosher

Son: Kyle Skillin


After Breakfast by Meghan Brodie

Mom: Kelly Mosher

Dad: Joshua Adams

Rachael: Florence Cooley


Liquid Gender Forms by Stephen Feest

Solo Performer: Sarah Dube


(tour photos from performance at Bonny Eagle High School)

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